Podcast #1: Instagram Edition.

I got my good friends Chris Long, Alfredo Mancuso and Nate Richter over for the first podcast. It starts off with us talking about Instagram and some of the crazy situations that come up because of it. But by the half way point we were talking about the last time we cried (seriously) and why I only date Juggalos. If you enjoyed this and want to share it with your friends, we’d appreciate it.

Also if you want to listen to more great podcasts (probably much better than this one), my favorites are Joe Rogan, the Combat Jack Show and the NYT Pop Casts (look them all up on iTunes or Google them).

5 Things I Failed Miserably At Before I Got Lucky.


(Yes, I am just taking photos of nearby things with my iPhone for all these posts)

I’m well aware that at some point in the history of this blog, it’s going to be necessary that I write at length about the business I’ve spent the last 7 years building, The Come Up BMX. But I’m hesitant to do so. It’s hard to write about The Come Up without sounding boastful or prideful. Writing that sort of post demands a certain type of care. It’s hard to write about why TCU has done so well without also going into detail about what all of our competitors have done wrong. And some of those competitors are people I’m friendly with or at least people I don’t feel like openly insulting. I plan on writing that sort of blog in the near future, but I figured before I go into detail about my greatest triumphs, I should first tell you about some of my lowest lows.

What I want to talk about is one of the most common criticisms I’ve been on the receiving end of over the past 7 years, something that anyone who has experienced any sort of success has no doubt heard time and time again:

“You just got lucky”

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